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Fancy taking a trip to Greece?

Fancy taking a trip to Greece?

If I told you that you could transport yourself to a greek island for £9.99 would you believe me?

Greek wine is having a real moment which I'm SO pleased about because Greece is one of the world’s most underrated winemaking regions in my opinion.

Introducing Greek White from Majestic's Chosen by range. A crisp and refreshing blend of Malagousia, Roditis and Assyrtiko – all grown on high-altitude vineyards. If you want to know more about these specific grapes and characteristics, I've left them in the caption for you.

I'm off to Greece next week so I wanted to get myself in the mood by sharing a little taste of Greece with you!

Flavours of Blossom, Lemon, Lime, Peach, Pear. It's got a lively acidity and really refreshing character.

Since it's a Greek wine, I'd pair this with grilled white fish, or a mezze board of tzaziki, taramasalata, whipped feta dip, or even a simple crisp greek salad. The blend's acidity can cut through the richness of fish and seafood, enhancing their flavours, and pairing with cheese like feta and goats cheese, will harmonise with the wine's herbal and fruity characteristics.

It's available for £9.99 mix six at Majestic, let me know if you guys give this a go by tagging me on your stories and of course hit follow for more wine reccomendations, tips and vineyard tours.

And as always if you want to keep your wine cool make sure you check out my insulted wine bottles!

Greek white is officially Partner in Wine approved!

@partnerinwineuk Greek grapes sound like Greek gods and I think there’s a reason for that 😍 #partnerinwine #greekwine #greekgrapes #assyrtiko #roditis #malagousia #greecetiktok #greece🇬🇷 #greecetiktokers #greece #greekfood #winetok #majestic #majesticwine #winereview #winereccomemdations #whitewine #whitewinelover ♬ original sound - partnerinwine

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