Is boxed wine better than bottled?

Is boxed wine better than bottled?
Boxed wine is often associated with cheap, rubbish wine. But thanks to improvements in technology, top quality wine can now be packaged in a box just as it is in a bottle - without tasting any different!

The benefits? Boxed wine is better for the environment, producing 90% less CO2 than glass bottles and less wine is wasted. You can have how much you want, when you want with the wine staying fresh for up to 6 months after opening! No more pouring away dodgy leftovers or feeling like you *have* to finish the bottle.

This rosé from Laylo is a fab example. It's crisp and drinkable with flavours of red currants, raspberries and a lovely pink grapefruit freshness. Definitely one for the Provence lovers! Pour some into your PIW bottle and pack some charcuterie, berries and olives for the perfect picnic. 

Laylo's Lot #9 is from the Luberon which is technically part of the Southern Rhone but culturally part of Provence (it's next to the Provence wine region) and it's made with a classic blend of Provence rosé grapes (Grenache, Syrah, Mourvèdre).

For any of you wondering, boxed wine is the exact same wine that goes into bottles. The difference is that boxed wine is designed to be drunk in the first 2-3 months of purchase. So you wouldn't buy it and then store it like you might a bottle. Once opened, the wine stays fresh for 6 weeks!

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Make sure you pop your Boxed wine into your Partner in Wine bottle to keep it cold on the go!
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