During lockdown one, just after I started Partner in Wine and people were allowed to go for a socially distanced drink or a takeaway coffee, I realised just how bad littering was in the UK due to the convenience food and drinks industry. Next to my gorgeous riverside in Surbiton where I’d often go for a morning walk or a sunset drink with my besties, the bins were overflowing with plastic drinks and food containers. Yet, people were still intent on squeezing their rubbish in as opposed to taking it home and disposing of it in an appropriate way. The sea has always been a huge part of my life. I grew up playing in the sand, and sailing dingeys with my dad. Which is why it’s awful to see the impact overconsumption and littering is having on our environment.


In fact, it’s one of the very reasons I started Partner in Wine - besides trying to enjoy a cold wine on the go. So the story goes, I took a bottle of wine to the park to meet my friend for a socially distanced drink in the park. I told my mum that by the time I got there, the wine would be warm, and further to that I would need to take a corkscrew to open the bottle, and then once we had finished the bottle I would then need to dispose of the bottle, the foil and the cork. Taking your Partner in Wine bottle out means you don’t have to dispose of your waste in public, and can recycle your waste instead of putting it in a public litter bin destined for landfill.

This is why Partner in Wine is committed to doing things the most sustainable way. We aren’t perfect… yet. But I hope our plans and pledge for the future means we can help you have fun with your friends whilst enjoying the great outdoors, and reducing the amount of waste you produce as a result. But it starts far before you’re pouring a deliciously cool glass of wine. It starts the moment we begin producing our products.

PIW for the people

My top priority is the wellbeing of those who make Partner in Wine the brilliant brand that it is. That not only includes my employees and suppliers in the UK, but my manufacturers overseas too. Our suppliers must adhere to our supplier code of conduct. This includes but is not limited to carrying out regular Factory audits including SEDEX and BSCI to make sure working hours are safe, pay is fair, and are free from child labour.