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We like to think our Stainless Steel Wine Bottles are pretty self explanatory, but here's a few questions we commonly get asked...

Does it cool your wine, or does the wine have to be cold already?

The Partner in Wine is not a wine cooler, it is an insulated wine bottle. This means it will insulate your wine and slow down the process at which it gets itself to room temperature. You should always chill your wine before use, for at least 12 hours.

We like to drink our wine ice cold, which means we pop a few ice cubes into the bottle too.

Can you put prosecco or champagne inside?

We wouldn't recommend using the Partner in Wine bottle for sparkling drinks. The pressure could cause the lid to pop off, or even worse - it could leak (and who wants to waste alcohol?!) It could also decrease the fizz depending on how you pour it in. By all means, give it a go but it's not something it is designed for.

You can put sparkling drinks into your tumblers.


Does the composition of the Partner in Wine bottle affect the taste of the wine?

Our bottles are made of food grade Stainless Steel. Stainless Steel, by nature, is inert which means it is chemically inactive. So for this reason, it won't change the taste of the wine. In fact, most wines (unless oak aged in barrels) are actually fermented in Stainless Steel vats!
The thing that affects the taste of the wine is oxidation (when it comes into contact with air). In the same way that you should drink a bottle of wine within 2-3 days of opening it, we'd suggest drinking anything you decant into the Partner in Wine bottle within the same time frame (mine never usually lasts for more than a few hours anyway!)

How long will it keep my drink cool for?

The Partner in Wine insulated wine bottle should keep your desired drink cool for up to 24 hrs.

Do not leave your bottle in direct sun light as this will affect the temperature of the liquid inside.

What is it made of?

The Partner in Wine is a double-walled, vacuum sealed bottle made of Stainless Steel.

Will it hold a full bottle of wine?

Yes, your Partner in Wine will hold a standard 750ml bottle of wine.

Is the Partner in Wine bottle BPA free?

BPA is a chemical often used in the production of plastic food containers. We are pleased to say that our products are all BPA free.