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Everything starts with a story right? Well here’s the one behind Partner in Wine.

We don’t need to go back too far because it all happened not too long ago when I was on my way to have a social distancing drink with my best friend Maddie. You may remember, we had pretty incredible weather for the UK during lockdown and after not seeing anyone for months, it was the perfect (and much needed) reason to go and sit in an outdoor space and catch up with friends. Cue me popping my favourite bottle of rosé in the basket of my bike, only to realise that by the time I got to see Maddie, my beloved wine would no longer be cold.

A self-proclaimed wine enthusiast, I was simply not willing to drink warm rosé. So my mum handed me an insulated wine bag that she’d been given as a promotional gift - it solved the problem but it was so not cool.

I debated pouring some of the rosé into my insulated water bottle - but that posed issues; firstly, it wasn't big enough to hold a whole bottle of wine and then I thought it may also make my water taste like wine...ew.

Surely, this is an issue many warm-wine haters must be experiencing I thought and after doing some research, I felt it was my duty to help wine and cold drink enthusiasts all over the UK keep their wine cool on the go - and so Partner in Wine was born.

BPA Free
No spills babe
24h cold / 12h hot
Holds a full 750ml bottle of Wine

I personally take my Partner in Wine to the beach, on holiday, by the river, even just dining al fresco because, (it means you don’t get wet hands each time you pick up a regular chilled bottle covered in condensation) - oh, and you’ll never find me at a hen-do without one!

So, get set to say hello to the Partner in Wine bottle and rejoice as it keeps your desired drink cold for 24 hours (or hot for 12 if that’s your thing). It also doesn't leak, is BPA free, and most importantly, it holds a full 750ml bottle of your all-time fave wine.

Join me, sip, sit back and relax as the Partner in Wine bottle keeps your desired drink cool as.

Lucy x
Founder, Partner in Wine

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