The perfect transitional red wine for Autumn..

The perfect transitional red wine for Autumn..

If you love red wine but you feel that rosé and white wine lovers are judging your choice of drink in this heatwave, you have to try this chill-able red and the best part is, it's only £7.99!

Pinot Noir is often served chilled because it is a light to medium-bodied red wine with delicate flavors and aromas. Serving it at a slightly cooler temperature than room temperature enhances its characteristics and provides a more enjoyable tasting experience.

Here's why Pinot Noir is best served chilled and the recommended optimum temperature:

  1. Preservation of Aromatics: Chilling Pinot Noir helps to preserve and accentuate its subtle and complex aromatics, which can be easily overwhelmed by higher temperatures. Cooler temperatures allow the wine to release its fruity, floral, and earthy notes more prominently.

  2. Balanced Acidity and Tannins: Cooling the wine slightly enhances its natural acidity and softens the tannins. This can create a more harmonious and balanced tasting profile, making it more approachable.

  3. Refreshing Experience: A chilled Pinot Noir can be quite refreshing, especially when served on a warm day or with lighter dishes. The lower temperature can make the wine feel crisper and more invigorating.

This particular bottle is from California, where you'll often be able to find very good value examples of Pinot Noir - but this bottle is from Aldi, meaning yet again you're bagging yourself a delicious wine at a pocket friendly price.

Expect flavours of cherry, strawberry, raspberry, and cranberry, earthy undertones, herbs, and a really lovely acidity which helps to lift the fruit flavours.

So, if you're looking to chill a bottle for the weekend, pop it in the fridge 20-30 minutes before serving or until it's chilled to your personal preference, and let me know what you guys think!

Anything chilled can be taken on the go in your Partner in Wine bottle, and that's why this chilled Pinot Noir is PIW approved...cheers!