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How to get into Red Wine if you think you don't like it

How to get into Red Wine if you think you don't like it

Love your whites and rosés but aren't sure about reds?

Here are some tips to help you start liking red wine...
1. Look for a lighter red wine: for example Beaujolais, Pinot Noir, Cinsault, all of these can be served lightly chilled (40 mins in the fridge) and often have a bright juicy red fruit flavours and a fresh acidity - an ideal introduction to reds for those who swear by crisp whites or rosés.
2. Want something a bit more comforting? Look for a soft + smooth red: some people don't like reds because they associate them with harsh, grippy sensations caused by unbalanced tannins. Great examples for smooth, easy reds are Côtes du Rhône, Rioja, Primitivo and Cabernet Sauvignons from Chile.
3. If you don't like flavours of vanilla, chocolate or smoke in your wine, avoid bottles that mention 'oak' or 'barrel' on the label. These flavours come from oak and compliment the fruitiness of red wine, but they're not for everyone!
4. Although you can get fab wines for £7.00 it takes some research (that's what we're here for)! So I recommend spending at least £7.00 to ensure a balanced wine.
5. Let it breathe! Pouring out your glass 30 mins in advance or decanting the wine into a vase/jug for 40 mins before you drink it can make all the difference! This will help soften any harshness and will let more of the fruity flavours come through.
6. Don't serve it too warm. Reds are often higher in alcohol which can cause a burning sensation in your throat if served too warm - if in doubt, pop it in the fridge for 20 minutes before you open it.


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