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Clear Tumbler Lid


Spare clear leak-proof lid to keep you sipping all year round.

Wash me after each user. Lather me up with hot soapy water, and leave me to air dry.


Bottles and Tumblers

  • Does it cool your wine, or does the wine have to be cold already?

    The Partner in Wine bottle and tumblers are not a wine coolers, they are insulated vessels. This means it will insulate your wine and slow down the process at which it gets up to room temperature. You should always chill your wine before use, for at least 12 hours.

    We like to drink our wine ice cold, so we sometimes pop a few ice cubes into the bottle too.

  • Does the Tumbler come with a lid?

    Yes! Your Partner in Wine tumblers comes with a clear plastic and leak-proof lid with an easy open/close mouth piece for safe sipping.

  • How long will it keep my drink cool for?

    The Partner in Wine insulated wine bottle should keep your desired drink cool for up to 24 hrs.

    The tumblers will keep your wine cooler for longer, but as they are not sealed by stainless steel lid, they are sealed with a plastic lid so we cannot guarantee how long it will keep your wine cool/warm for.

    Do not leave your bottle or tumblers in direct sun light - it is made of metal and this will cause the outer layer to heat up.

  • What are they made of?

    The Partner in Wine bottle is a double-walled, vacuum sealed bottle made of Stainless Steel.

    The Partner in Wine tumbler is a double-walled, vacuum sealed vessel. It comes with a plastic lid.

  • Will the bottle hold a full bottle of wine?

    Yes, your Partner in Wine will hold a standard 750ml bottle of wine!

    The tumblers hold 350ml.

  • Is the Partner in Wine bottle BPA free?

    BPA is a chemical often used in the production of plastic food containers. We are pleased to say that our products are all BPA free.