A Taittinger Champagne dupe exists...

Taittinger Champagne dupe

Do you love Taittinger Champagne but don't love the price tag? Coming in at just under half the cost, this luxurious bubbly from Laithwaites presents an ideal alternative for aficionados of Taittinger. Following a similar profile to Taittinger, this Crémant de Limoux boasts a Chardonnay presence, complemented by a delightful infusion of Pinot Noir, resulting in citrus, apple, and peach notes. It also uses a touch of oak to add that extra toasty richness typically found in the best Champagnes. And of course, being a Crémant, it is made in the exact same way.

Roche Lacour Crémant de Limoux 2020 

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