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International Houmous Day

Posted by Annie Taylor on
International Houmous Day

POV: It's a wonderfully warm Spring day. You head to the shops to grab a selection of picky bits from your local Waitrose, only to realise you have no clue what wine will compliment your houmous choices once you've bought them. Until you experienced this dilemma, you never actually knew wine and houmous was a thing. But now, well you'd never look back!

Original + Mirabeau Classic Provence Rosé

Original Houmous mirabeau en provence classic rosé

Red Pepper + Araldica Barbera d'Asti
Roasted red pepper houmous                 Araldica Barbera D'Asti Superiore
Caramelised Onion + La Vieille Ferme Rouge
Caramelised Houmous                  La Vieille Ferme Rouge
Lemon & Coriander + Freeman's Bay Sauvignon Blanc
Lemon and coriander houmous Freeman's Bay Sauvignon Blanc

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