How to get into white wine if you think you don't like it

How to get into white wine if you think you don't like it
Love your reds but draw the line at whites?
Do you love red wine but hate white wine? Or perhaps it's the other way around and you love white wine but hate your reds?
There are so many styles of white wine out there so I truly believe there is something for everyone.
Here are some tips to help you find love at first sip, and get into white wine if you think you don't like it...
1. A lot of people hear white wine and think tart, acidic, lemon juice vibes. But only some whites have that fresh bite. To settle your red wine palate in, start with a rounder white like Viognier from Chile, Mâcon from France or Fiano from Italy.
2. If you're a big fan of vanilla, spice and oak in your wine, pick a white with the same flavours! E.g. Chardonnays from Australia, California or Southern France.
Some White Rioja's (yep that's a thing) have this too - look for 'oak' or 'barrel' somewhere on the label.
3. Crisp, dry whites aren't a thing to be feared (and go far beyond a tart Pinot Grigio) I highly recommend seeking out wines like Grüner Veltliner or Albariño for a balanced brightness. Serving these with salty crisps or olives will also help you approach and appreciate them better.
4. Spend at least £7.00 on a bottle, there are always offers and deals to be had! But this is the safest bet.
5. Shake off that fridge chill before sipping! White wines aren't designed to be sipped at fridge temperature - it can make them seem drier. 5-10 mins out of the fridge is ideal for letting the full texture and flavour come out in your glass!


As always, keep your wine cold by putting it into your Partner in Wine Bottle! Because who likes to drink warm wine?


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